Our Language Policy

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Mi Casita founding members are predominantly Spanish and English speaking. We communicate in both languages with our members and have a bi-lingual approach to developing our projects.

We have chosen English as our primary language even though the majority of our members speak Spanish. We are flexible in our approach to which language we use, when and where.

At times, because most of the work being done so far is voluntary, content will be available in English before it is in Spanish. However, in some areas like Kosmo Way and our movement, From Andalusia, Spanish is the leading language and English, the option.

We are in the process of setting up a translation collective which should enable us to offer a genuinely bi-lingual service at all times.

As interest in our work grows, we hope to embrace as many more languages as possible.

If you are an English to Spanish translator and would like to support our work, please find out more about our Change Makers collective from here.

Thank you.

Mi Casita

February 2013


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